Love Your Tent campers have more fun!

The fantastic Pharrell Williams hit the main stage in 2015, entertaining the crowd with amazing tunes and dancers! However, the audience was wowed, when Pharrell invited someone from the crowd to join him on the stage – that festival goer was Carole Parks, a Love Your Tent camper!

You can watch Carole’s stage presence on You Tube.

So the next day we caught up with Carole to find out how she ended up on the stage with Pharrell and how she managed to give the stage dancers a run for their money, by dancing the whole way through ‘She likes to move!’

“ I just had this moment where I looked at everybody and everybody was going ‘Wow’. It was amazing!’

Love Your Tent team member Holly Ward finds out all the gossip
Fame and fundraising

Following Carole’s appearance on stage, festival go-ers were flocking for a selfie with Pharrell’s star dancer! Carole was more than happy to oblige in return for a donation which would go to the Earl Mountbatten Hospice, an independent charity providing comprehensive end-of-life healthcare for the Isle of Wight community. What a great idea for such an important cause!

“Love your tent worth every penny”

We believe Love Your Tent campers have more fun! Now there is no guarantee we can get you up dancing on the main stage, but we can provide nice facilities, a relaxed atmosphere, a fun team and performances on our secret stage. All making life in a Love You Tent more fun, leaving you refreshed and excited for life at the main arena!

“Staying in Love Your Tent has been worth every penny. The facilities and staff have been amazing. It has been the best thing to stay in here”

You can book your Love Your Tent campaigns space at Eventbrite today – we look forward to seeing you there!




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