We’re off to Wychwood

What’s the time Mr Wolf?


Phew, we never thought it would get here but finally the season is upon us and this weekend we’re heading to Wychwood Festival to sample the sounds, art, literature and comedy that this wonderful festival offers. I have to say we love this festival, it’s a really relaxed friendly and colourful few days which eases us nicely into the season before we head to Isle of Wight Fest in a weeks time.

What’s exciting for us this year is it also kick-starts a couple of years extensive research into the abandoned tent issue facing festivals today by our researcher and Director of A Greener Festival ,Teresa Moore.

Whilst many festivals worldwide struggle with this ongoing issue some, like Wychwood, buck the trend so we will be chatting to festival organiser, Stefan as well as the audience to find out why and what other festivals can learn from their approach.

Of course  we’re there to soak up the atmosphere too and will be enjoying tripping over new talent (which they have an abundance of) as well as jumping to some old favourites such as Stereo MC’s and Ms Dynamite. I’ve no doubt with kids in tow there will be a few struggles won by Mummy through ice-cream bribery to get them to leave Mr Tumble alone or get them out of the Kids Comedy Tent, but that’s what makes this a great festival there’s so much around the next corner to enjoy and discover whether you’re 5 or 45.

If you haven’t bought a ticket already head here  to grab one before the weekend and come and join us at Cheltenham Racecourse this weekend. Warm and sunny on Sunday!!!!

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If you want to join the conversation use #loveyourtent #justtakeithome



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