LYT’S foolproof guide to getting the most from festivals


As more people hit the Island today and the first full day of music kicks off at the Isle of Wight Festival, with Victoria on the Big Top at 12.00 and Nakamarra on the main stage at 12.10, the Love Your Tent team are here to share some top tips to getting the most of this musical weekend!

And whilst we’re celebrating everything festival, we’ll chat about looking after that festival environment we all love and enjoy so much every year, making festivals greener than ever whilst saving us all a chunk of money.

We’ve handpicked these five golden rules into getting the most out of a festival. We guarantee if you follow these steps, you’ll be having one hell of a time (and you can hold us to that!). So here are those five golden steps to having the best festival experience possible.

Numero 1: Size (Doesn’t) Matter

We all love the epic headliner at your favourite festival putting on a show that will leave you speechless for days after, but the best parts of a festival aren’t exclusively held at the Main Stages. At every festival there are smaller stages, putting on acts from all over the world that you may or may not have heard of, and it’s at these stages that you find the real gems.

Take the time to check out the Cirque de la Quirk stage, the Hard Rock Stage or the Jack Rocks stage to discover some of the smaller names on the lineup, because those names may just be the next big thing and put on some of the best sets of your whole festival weekend.

Numero 2: Try Something Different To Munch On Every Day!

Whilst Music makes up a large amount of what makes festivals great, let’s not forget the huge variety of food vendors seen at festivals around the world, providing some of the culinary highlights of the festival season. If you get to the 3rd day of the festival and you’re still munching on Big Mike’s £5 Quarter Pounders then your stomach ain’t going to be too happy about it! The choice in food offered at festivals has improved by huge amounts in recent years, with some festivals even making a point of bringing in top chefs and vendors to serve up quality food, so there’s no excuse for not treating your tastebuds over the weekend. Try something new every day, from stone-baked pizzas to fresh oriental cuisine and everything in between, and it’ll look after you during your weekend of fun and games.

Numero 3: Put The Phone Down

So you’re in the middle of a field with your mates and loads going on all around you, but for some reason you’re checking out the latest Snapchat updates from Gazza in Halifax who’s busy documenting his struggles with cooking an omelette. Somehow, I think priorities have been mixed up here! Instead of spending time focusing on what’s happening outside of the festival, put the phone down and get involved with all that’s around you. By putting down the phone and actually engaging with the people and activities around you, we are certain you’ll have a better festival experience, one that you can then chat away about on social media for days after!

Numero 4: Lose Yourself (In The Festival)

The ultimate way to enjoy a festival? Embrace the festival around you and let yourself go for the weekend. Festivals are an amazing experience where you can escape normality for a few days, checking out some great music, being introduced to the weird and the wonderful and becoming part of one great community all here to do the exact same thing. To have a great time! If there’s one rule we recommend, it’s to throw yourself right into the festival experience, embrace the environment around you and make sure you get your money’s worth when going to these festivals. If you do that, we promise you’ll have an amazing festival season, no matter where you go! Which leads me nicely onto our final step…


Numero 5: Love your tent

Surprise surprise, it’s Love Your Tent talking about tents! However, coming back to find your cheap 20 quid tent from Asda (other retailers are available) looking like a scene from Poseidon is definitely going to put you in damp spirits (Cheap Gag #1). As your base camp, your home for the weekend, we hope you’ve chosen a reliable and sturdy tent to house you for your weekend of fun. But even if you’ve scrimped on your tent, do take care of it even during those drunken moments and not only will it last you the whole weekend, it can be your second home for the whole festival season!

And if you want to make your festival experience that extra bit special, don’t forget we still have spaces available in our Love Your Tent Camping Sites, offering great luxuries such as a individual pitch spaces, an ethical cafe, the secret Love our Tent Stage and many more surprises!

For more information pop over to our Love Your Tent field and speak to the team or click here.

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